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  • 23. June 2015 at 21:47

    I'm hoping someone can help, We have over 1000 mifare 4k cards in use in our company all working fine. We are just about to install a new program which works with our cards.

    We would like to pre populate the software with the cards we have but I'm having trouble working out how the cards are being read.

    I have the 8 digit code printed on the cards this number look to be decimal numbers.

    When I scan the card on the new system it sees the code on the card as an 8 digit HEX number.

    No matter what I try I cannot work out how the 8 digit code on the card matches the 8 digit HEX read by the reader.

    Is this possible or am I missing something?

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    Re: Mifare 4k ID to Hex number

    30. June 2015 at 13:41
    Hello people3,

    What do you mean wiht 8 digit code printed on your cards ? Is that something for your identification or something related to the MF Classic card?
    And the decimal (0-9) numbers are actually integers in programming language (java for example, to a certain size).
    And HEX numbers are 0-9, A-F.

    So the digits on your cards might aswell be in HEX, if they are only numbers, if you understand me.

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