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  • 18. August 2016 at 5:24
    Dear Mifare team,

    I have an ACR122U-A9 NFC reader and Mifare 1K cards. And I need Credit Card Data on my mifare 1K card.
    How to write it using these?
    Also, how to change A and B key?
    Could you please explain access bits. If i change A or B key, Is it possible to choose any access bits?
    Or A and B keys are related with the access bits?

    Thank you for your support.

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    Re: Mifare 1K – Credit card data

    25. October 2016 at 12:57
    Hi Baba,

    You can easily change the keys A and B. Please read at least the datasheet. It is explained there. For a deeper understanding you will find examples and explanations of the access permission bits in this forum.

    The TapLinx Team
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