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  • 29. July 2014 at 9:40
    I'm working with the MFRC530 reader, I got the data sheet Rev. 3.4 — 12 February 2014.
    On page 89 NXP talk about the current absorption on TVDD pin (transmitter current):
    IDD(TVDD) supply current continuous wave 150 mA MAX.
    150mA is an instant limit value or an RMS value?
    Because I'm using a pulsed field polling for tags, duty cycle is about 0.75, I need to know if I can excite the antenna with IDD(TVDD) = 150mA/0.75=200mA MAX or not.
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    Re: MFRC530 reader TVDD MAX current

    29. July 2014 at 17:25
    The 150mA is the limit of ITVDDD (transmitter current), i.e. any value above
    may damage the MFRC531.
    In principle a value slightly above might not immediately kill the reader IC,
    but damage it on the long term. However, the limit is the limit.

    BTW: the RC663, RC630 and RC631 have a limit of 200mA.
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