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  • 18. September 2018 at 10:07
    Hello, I got a MF Classic 1k card with MAD configured as MAD2 . As sector 0x10 on this card is not accessible (as it does not exist), our reader refuses MAD as not readable.
    Is configuration of 1k card to MAD2 acceptable? And thus shall we accept such card, or refusing it is correct?

    According to AN10787:
    "If the GPB (ADV) in block 3, sector 0 identifies the MAD2 (i.e. the use of the sectors 16…39 in the extended memory), the sector 10 hex has to be authenticated with key A."
    "MAD1 is limited to 16 Sectors (as used in MIFARE Classic). MAD2 specifies the usage of the MIFARE with a memory >1k (e.g. MIFAREPro and MIFARE ProX, MIFARE Classic 4k, etc.)."

    Thanks for any suggestions
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