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  • 13. April 2017 at 8:59

    I am looking for SDK developer for ACR1255U R-J1 and ACR1252U Reader with DESFire EV1.



    SDK Functions:
    Change any key stored on the PICC
    Authenticate the card with DES key
    Select Application
    Get Value from Value File
    Increase a value stored in a Value File
    Decrease a value stored in a Value File
    Commit Transaction
    Get Auth Status
    Get Free Memory
    Read/Write Record to/from Cyclic and Linear Record File
    Read/Write Data to/from Data File

    The following functionality are not urgent but those are good to have in SDK.
    Creae Application
    Create File
    Delete Application

    Please let me know if you have knowledge of it or know someone.


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    Re: looking for SDK developer

    26. April 2022 at 3:22
    I'm currently working on an IT project, and I could use the help of developers. There is a lot of work, so ideally, I need a dedicated development team. What can you advise?
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    Re: looking for SDK developer

    16. May 2022 at 9:03
    I'm doing course let me know if you are interested.
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