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  • 4. May 2018 at 17:24
    Hi, I am struggling to get this setup working. Can anyone help me to get the X-mode working?

    My setup:

    1: RC663 connected to MCU with SPI
    2: SAM connected with IO2 connected to pin 24 (SDA) and IO3 connected to pin 23 (SCL), both with pullup of 1k

    The sequence I am performing:
    1: Reset RC663 (by cycling the PDOWN pin)
    2: Read Version register to check if the RC663 is working
    3: Read HOST-Control reg for actual value
    4: Write value with bit 0x80 set (enable write to this register)
    5: Write 0x2c to this register (Set host mode to SAM)

    6: SAM enabled and sending/receiving data

    7: Send RC-Init to SAM (80e58000) to SAM

    I observe the SCL/SDA pins going from high level to low and nothing else happens there
    I get a 6401 error from the command from SAM.

    What am I missing?

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    Re: HOW To do X-mode with SAM AV2 and RC663

    9. May 2018 at 8:55
    Hi Aart,

    The MIFARE SAM AV2 can be combined either with RC52X reader ICs or with RC663 ICs. Because this are different reader ICs therefore we have two variants of SAM. Please consider the public datasheet (see link below) on page 1:

    The one variant, identified with T1AD2060, can be connected to RC52X contactless reader ICs, the other variant, identified T1AR1070, can be connected to RC663 using the X-feature. Apart from the difference in the interface, both variants have the same functionality.

    First, ensure you have the correct SAM variant for the RC663. The variant is printed on the card front side, like “P5DF081X0/T1AD2060” for RC52X ICs. The public data sheet explains how to connect the SAM with the reader IC.

    Do you have the application note “AN10977 – MIFARE SAM AV2 – X interface”? This AN gives configuration hints and shows detailed commands for communication. You get the AN like other SAM documents in our DocStore.

    The TapLinx team
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    Re: HOW To do X-mode with SAM AV2 and RC663

    9. May 2018 at 11:15

    I am aware of the documents and read both. I thought the 2060 SAM is also able to do RC663; but I tried both.
    I have the correct RC-Init command I presume (judging that the SDA/SCL move when I start it)

    The 663 should be in the correct host mode (register 1 set to 2c)
    Are there any other things I must be aware of?
    Or any other settings in the SAM to have the correct mode?
    At this moment I am - after setting up the SAM - doing only the RC-Init.
    Thanks for answering!
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    Re: HOW To do X-mode with SAM AV2 and RC663

    15. May 2018 at 11:09
    Hi Aart,

    in X mode the reader is controlled by the SAM. You have to use the SAM methods for authentication, change of key and reading and writing of data in encrypted communication mode. The datasheet has sections e.g. of “DESFire in non-X-mode commands” and “DESFire in X-mode commands”.

    The TapLinx team

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