How to change Key for Sector authorisation?

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  • 1. June 2014 at 10:25
    In the RC663-LPC1227-Classic program provided by NXP for CLRC663 authentication is done using the below function

    PH_CHECK_SUCCESS_FCT(status, phpalMifare_MfcAuthenticate(&palMifare,
    0, PHHAL_HW_MFC_KEYA, Key, bUid));
    The default key given is :

    static /* const */ uint8_t Key[6] = {0xFFU, 0xFFU, 0xFFU, 0xFFU, 0xFFU, 0xFFU};

    Now i tried to write new key number for authorisation by below given function: PH_CHECK_SUCCESS_FCT(status, phKeyStore_SetKey(&Rc663keyStore, 0, 0,

    It didnt work.Kindly suggest ways to load a new key for sector authorisation.Thanks in advance.
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