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  • 9. April 2015 at 10:59

    If a DESFire card is already simple formatted. How can we format it for NDEF mapping using formatT4T.

    Following parameters are required,

    public final void formatT4T(int nDEFFileSize,
    // int cardKeyNo,
    // byte cardKeyVersion,
    // int ndefAppKeyNo,
    // byte ndefAppKeyVersion)

    // nDEFFileSize - ?
    // cardKeyNo - ?
    // cardKeyVersion - ?
    // ndefAppKeyNo - ?
    // ndefAppKeyVersion - ?

    From the documentation, it may be easy for someone who used to format the card, the old native way but for someone who don't want to read datasheets, its still confusing.

    Please help.
    An example will be very helpful.
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    Re: DESFire formatT4T

    12. April 2015 at 21:53
    Heloo Bilal,

    I am not sure what is confusing in this part. I read your previous post that you upgraded to the MIFARE Advanced SDK, which is truly AWESOME btw!!

    With that, you can also check the official Javadoc posted online.
    Let me try to assist you with this.

    General about FormatT4T
    Master Key type of the card should be DES. ( Factory Default. ) Format tag to support NDEF Messages Note: Content of tag will be cleared. This function is short cut implementation of Application Note: an205723. Below are the Steps performed In this function.
    --> DESFire Card is first formated completely.
    --> Application is created with Key Type 2K3DES , id = 1 , ISO AID of 0xE105 and ISO DF Name of 0xD2760000850101.
    --> Capability container file is created with file id 0xE103.
    --> Data file of given size is created with file id 0xE104.

    Now to put some answers next to your question marks...I will try to do my best, although I feel that they are quite straightfoward:

    nDEFFileSize - NDEF file Size in bytes.
    cardKeyNo - Card key number ( Key Type of 3DES).
    cardKeyVersion - Default key version.
    ndefAppKeyNo - NDEF Application master key number. ( Key Type of 2K3DES).
    ndefAppKeyVersion - NDEF Application master key version.

    Basically this are parameters that will format your tag for NDEF support. Which means your card will be able to use NDEF feature after using formatT4T.

    Dont have a code example yet, because I do not want to write something by my head without testing it.

    But I hope it helps you a bit, if you have missed the javadoc description.

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