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  • 17. January 2015 at 16:08
    I'm using the Advanced SDK to read data from DESFire cards. These have a specific non-zero AID, Keys and standard file contents. So, I select the AID, use a key to authenticate and then readData from the files.

    I'm finding the javadocs a bit confusing though.

    For the authenticate() function, I have to pass the "(int) keyNo", "(byte) keyVersion" and "(int)cardKeyNo".

    But I would have thought I would pass bytes from a Software KeyStore that has been set up using .setKey().

    The samples all use Key 0 and default all-zero keys. Is there an example that uses real keys please?

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    Re: DESFire Authentication with Advanced SDK

    22. January 2015 at 15:00
    Let me answer my own question!!

    To use the SDK to read data from a DESFire EV1 Card:

    Step 1: Create a soft Key Store into which you place your Card Key. Here, I have my byte array key in MY_CARD_KEY:
    private IKeyStore ks = null;
    ks = KeyStoreFactory.getInstance().getSoftwareKeyStore();
    ks.formatKeyEntry(0, IKeyConstants.KeyType.KEYSTORE_KEY_TYPE_2K3DES);
    ks.setKey(0, (byte) 0, IKeyConstants.KeyType.KEYSTORE_KEY_TYPE_2K3DES, MY_CARD_KEY);

    Step 2 : Connect to the Card and Select the Application AID using the mDESFire object from the @Override of onDESFireCardDetected()

    Step 3 : Authenticate using a reference to the soft Key Store Key we set up earlier and on the Card Key we are using. Here, I use Card Key 1:
    mDESFire.authenticate(AuthType.Native, 0, (byte) 0, 1, (byte)IKeyConstants.DIV_OPTION_NODIVERSIFICATION, null);

    Step 4 : Read Data (here I read 32 bytes from File 1)
    mDESFire.readData(1, 0, 32, DESFire.CommunicationType.Enciphered, 32));

    Step 5 : Tidy Up

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