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  • 15. November 2021 at 16:03

    I have just started working with DESFire cards. We have the NDA signed and the datasheets available. However, I am quite confused and this quiestion is about very initial step:
    If I make a RATS and I receive the ATS from the PICC, how do I know wether PPS is supported?

    ISO144443-4 says: "If the PICC supports any changeable parameters in the ATS, a PPS request may be used by the PCD as the next command after receiving the ATS to change parameters "

    - I don´t find any flag or bit in ATS to indicate wether PPS is supported.
    - What 'changeable parameters' means the text? PPS only can change DSI and DRI? What about the rest of the parameters of the ATS?

    As you can see, I´m a bit confused. I hope somebody could help me.

    Thanks in advance.

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