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  • 14. April 2021 at 11:16
    We have a working product based on the CLRC66303 chipset.
    As standard we run transmission power at max with the Cwmax bit (TxCon) set.
    But we now have a need to reduce the transmission power so the Cwmax bit is cleared and the set_cw_amplitude value (TxAmp) is set to 3 (-1000mV).

    This does not changed the power consumption of the reader nor does it reduce the output voltage on the Tx1 pin.

    Am I wrong in my assumtion that changing the set_cw_amplitude value should change the general power consumption of the CLRC663 chipset ?


    Søren Bang
    Security Engineering
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    Re: CLRC663+ Reducing transmission power

    26. April 2021 at 11:32
    Dear Soren,
    do you have any news regarding that problem?
    We have the same problem.
    Best Regards
    Stefan Mueller
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    Re: CLRC663+ Reducing transmission power

    26. April 2021 at 15:29
    Dear Stefan

    I have been in contact NXP support regarding this issue.
    They have pointed out that the protocol settings should be loaded prior to setting the cw-amplitude and the field should be on.

    I can detect a small change in amplitude measured after the EMC filer on TX1 but the over all power consumption does not change enough for us to get below 100mA for the complete product so we will have to change the impedance matching circuit for the antenna.



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