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  • 15. October 2017 at 9:46
    I have a Desfire EV1 card. A linear record is already full with 2 records of maximum 2.

    I have read the manual and it says that you can clear the record by sending clear record command followed with commit transaction.

    I succeeded to send clear record (after authenticate with R/W key) but failed in sending the commit transaction.

    Anyone knows how to solve this issue? Thanks.


    Authenticate DES 3K3DES: 901A0000010300 Response: C44F893030EE851E0714B9A1E944C00491AF (ADDITIONAL_FRAME) Additional Frame: 90AF000020139DC8E213345CB498153953128B2E1287A4A891E91D740FF06AD0C38123224800 Response: 593D6D3F3DA23630085F592EE60FC1D69100 (OPERATION_OK) The random A is DB25F8715B8E55F55B1E7362758C6438 The random B is CD0B340F923A674C7B5F8ECDB5920653 Session Key = DB25F871CD0B340F55F55B1E674C7B5F758C6438B5920653

    Clear RecordFile: 90EB0000010100 Response: 40B1CF8AE23392019100 (OPERATION_OK)

    Commit Transaction: 90C7000000 Response: 910C (NO_CHANGES)
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    Re: Clear Record Failed

    19. July 2019 at 8:38
    This is a difficult problem, have you found a solution? hole io
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