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  • 5. January 2015 at 18:39
    What I want to do is very simple;-

    I want to have a number of ID cards that can be read by a smartphone for access to a secure area with access controlled by a doorman.

    It is easy to fake a picture and text printed on the card, I want to duplicate the information on the card so it shows up on the smartphone reader for instance a few lines of text, name, address, date of birth and a photograph and possibly a secret word or phrase.

    We use cards in my day job and I can read the hex files on my smartphone. Is it possible and what do I need to do this, other than the cards?

    I am UK based
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    Re: Beginner – how to write to card

    20. January 2016 at 11:40
    Hi Dumbledore,

    It is a little bit unclear what you want to do.

    The MIFARE product family offer for a lot of use cases a suitable product. If you want to build an access system, the MIFARE DESFire is the right product for you. You can find detailed information of the MIFARE family from our public web sites:

    Kind regards,
    The MIFARE Team
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