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  • 8. May 2015 at 4:09
    i c...
    Is this tutorial can be done with Android studio?
    I am very new with Android, and feel weird about android studio and eclipse (many times I just build some blank activity, get error) and I haven't start for coding yet... It makes me crazy >:-(

    Oh ya, I've already make the *.apk file and install on smartphone with NFC, and add Toast to get pop up message (replacing logcat).

    Thanks again, you are very nice...
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    Re: ANdroid with MiFare SDK issue…

    8. May 2015 at 8:09
    The tutorial in the PDF from MIFARE SDK is done in Eclipse. But the coding part is the same as in Android Studio, because both is in Java.

    The only difference is, how to include the library in Android Studio. Because in the PDF it shows how to include it in Eclipse.

    No problem! :)
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