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  • 26. May 2016 at 10:40
    Hi all,

    As an absolute noob within MiFare tech I have some (probably) very simple questions:

    I am thinking about an offering where we would supply contactless payment bracelets to our customers and the company that delivers the actual chip have informed that the chip (besides the payment part) comes with Mifare pre-installed on the chip so that the bracelet could be used for more tha payments.
    All very nice but how does it practically work for the end-user (owner of a bracelet). Does the customer "connect" the bracelet/chip to services that supports Mifare?

    Customer is a season pass owner at a football club and checks in using a contactless card every time he/she enters the stadium. Now with the new bracelet the customer wants to use that instead of the contactless card provided by the football club. Is it possible for the customer to go into a customer profile page online and add the contactless bracelet (the chip) so that it may be used instead or additionally as a way of being identified when entering the stadium?

    Would it be easy for the football club to enable "3rd party" mifare chips to their system or is this very difficult?

    I know these questions seem odd, but I am really interested in learning about the practical possibilities with MiFare
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    Re: Absolute Beginners

    26. May 2016 at 15:20
    Hi Troels,

    I am not sure whether I understand you question properly. If you have a plastic card or a gadget containing a MIFARE DESFire EV1 or a MIFARE Plus S/X you have a secure product which allows it to manage several applications on it. For instance one application could be an access system (to your football station) and another application could be kiosk application with contain a debit/credit and the user pay with tapping the card for each beer. This applications can be managed by different parties without knowing the access key from the others.

    Our new product MIFARE DESFire EV2 allows more features how to deploy applications.

    If you want to setup such system, the first job is to understand the architecture of the MIFARE DESFire or Plus, learn about key and security management and prepare the first cards or gadgets for your pilot phase. On the other side you have to talk with all participants about the equipment. You need contactless card readers at the entrances and in the kiosk bar for registering the debits.

    The MIFARE Team
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    Re: Absolute Beginners

    2. June 2016 at 17:06
    Hi All,

    I'm a noobie too bt I have client who needs to use Mifare Desfire EV1 2K cards for access control system. Their cards are blank so I need to record the access data (facility code + badge ID) and I have no idea the parameters to do that. I guess to have to create an application and then a file to store the facility code and another one for the badge ID but, how the reader recognize this data as access parameters? Also, they must to be encoded using AES 128.

    I'will really appreciate your support.


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    Re: Absolute Beginners

    3. June 2016 at 12:42
    Hi Rafael,

    It depends on what is your development platform.

    If you implement the access system on an Android NFC device, I recommend to use our “MIFARE SDK for Android” (see link below). If you have to implement your software on desktop PC, you have to take into account a lot more components: the NFC reader hardware, the driver of the reader, the interface used (PC/SC or native) etc.

    MIFARE SDK Link:

    Kind regards,
    The MIFARE Team
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    Re: Absolute Beginners

    3. June 2016 at 15:20
    Thank you for the prompt response,

    Actually I'm using design card software in order to print and record data into the card. CardPresso, for example, let me create applications, files and put information into those files but, I can't found a solution to let me create and store access data. Thats why i'm looking for support to understand the way access data must be stored into the card. If they need an specific app and file, considerations and details about it.

    For information, I have an OmniKey 6321 CL encoder and also an Schlage (XceedID) PG1000 recorder (use propietary KEYs).

    Thanks again for the support.

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