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16. October 2014 at 11:22
Before using any DESFire Lite API please follow the following steps. for these steps to work, you should have either factory default card ( New card where card master key is set to all zeros and key is of type 3DES.) OR you must know the Card Master Key and it must be of type AES.

1) Use format API of the DESFire class, this API erases all the data in the card. [ this Step is not required if you have factory default card. ]

2) Use personalize API of the DESFire class, this creates default application with std file in it for reading and writing. And changes the card master key to AES type.This API should be used once for each new card. OR this should be used after formatting the card.

3) After personalize you can able to read and write to the new card. For future reading and writing with the already personalized card, please authenticate the card before reading and writing.

For Factory default card.
a) Personalize --> Read/Write.
b) authenticate --> Read/Write.

For Personalizing again with different APP Id and key.
a) format --> personalize --> Read/Write.

NOTE: Lite SDK Limitations:
1) you cant use the card personalized with different application.
2) you dont have control on creating multiple applications and files.
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