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16. October 2014 at 13:52
I have already reviewed the sample code (before I sent my first post).

The card I have can not be formatted. It is pre encoded to use with our current access control system. I want to access the badgeId that is encoded into a particular file (within a particular application) in the Desfire card.

From my understanding of Desfire cards, it is structured in a hierarchical fashion (as oppose to Mifare Classic, our old card). That is, the desfire card can contain several applications (max 28) and within each application, it can contain several files (max 16 per app). I see the command Read/Write but how does this relate to the files. That is, back to my first question, how do I read a File???

Is it also a limitation that I can't read an already encoded cards with the NXP SDK??? That is, do I need to revert back to sending APDU commands specific for the Desfire card. Seems like a big limitation if so.
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