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Re: NTAG424DNATT authenticateEV2First Error

4. November 2020 at 11:04
Hi Andrea,

I use version 1.8 for my tests, because it will be released soon. You cannot download it not yet. But your issue has nothing to do with the version of TapLinx. I just checked the same source code with TapLinx 1.7 and it behaves identically.

There must be something wrong on your device. For instance, error 0x911C means ILLEGAL_COMMAND_CODE (Command code not supported). Can you please run your software on a different device from a different manufacturer to prevent a firmware issue? The reason for this suggestion is, TapLinx is a user library which uses the public interface of the Google NFC adapter. The code behind the NFC interface is based on the NFC implementation of the software of the manufacturer in the firmware. The firmware is unavailable for users and can be updated only with manufacturer updates. Therefore, I would test my Android software on how much other Android devices as possible.

The TapLinx team
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