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2. June 2020 at 12:54
Hi Matej,

Of course, if really all bytes of a file are needed, then the partial reading is not efficient. But this is not a typical use-case. Then you should think about to lift the clock rate. The supported data rates of the card can be found in the RATS/PPS information. Usually four rates are available: 106, 212, 424 and 848 kbps. The default is 106 kbsp.

You should also check the maximal communication buffer size. Can it be lifted? You should read or write data blocks which fit into the block size. If you send larger data blocks, it will work, but internally blocks are split and this make the communication slower.

The next question is: do you need encryption? Sometimes it is enough to protected data against manipulation. In this case MACing is the right thing. Here the data can be wiretapped, but cannot be changed. Usually MACing is faster than fully encryption.

Sorry, a lot of things to consider. By the way, the “8 bytes” was only an example. You can use any value for offset and length which is smaller than the file size.

The TapLinx team
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