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3. April 2020 at 11:42
Hi Support,

Thanks for the reply.

According to the documentation readRecords description is following:

byte[] readRecords(int fileNo,
int offsetRecords,
int noOfRecords)

fileNo - Record file number.
offsetRecords - Offset from which records is read.
noOfRecords - Number of records to read.

read records as byte[]

In my code i have

byte[] userData = desFireEV2.readRecords(objectFileNo, 0, 1);

objectFileNo is 0,
offsetRecords is 0,
noOfRecords is 1

since i have only written the record once.

I am still receiving the same error.

com.nxp.nfclib.exceptions.InvalidResponseLengthException: Boundary Error

To try your answer i even used readRecords with more parameters which is below.

byte[] readRecords(int fileNumber,
int offsetRecords,
int numberOfRecords,
int recordSize,
IDESFireEV1.CommunicationType communicationSettings,
int filesize)

But still receiving the same error message.

What am I missing?
Please help.

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