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8. October 2019 at 9:38
Hi Henry,

I cannot say anything about Microsoft HCE demo. But take in mind, each security and payment application on an electronic device run in a special chip, the so-called Security Element (SE). The SE is usually combined with the NFC reader of the device. You cannot access the SE from a user app of the phone. Otherwise it would be security flaw!

Forget it trying to “emulate” a SE as user app on a phone. Such approach is definitely not secure and will not be accepted.

In your last question you have the answer. MIFARE4Mobile is a MIFARE product, for instance a MIFARE Classic, a MIFARE DESFire etc., running on a SE on your device. Unfortunately, you must be a hardware manufacturer to implement a SE in your device. SE’s in phones are usually not accessible from outside because of security reasons.

The TapLinx team

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