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30. July 2019 at 12:29
I'm absolutely sure that card is working in SL1 mode since it can be read using ordinary low-level CTLS commands for Mifare classic on ACR122.
Ok, there are some commands for the reader itself, but there is no description of Mifare low-level commands.
Reader docs describe its own commands format for sure, its serial package (Vivotech2/0-2byte_cmd-2byte_len-DATA-2byte_crc). where DATA:
high-level Mifare auth DATA = (block, key)
high-level Mifare read DATA = (start block|block quantity)
high-level Mifare write DATA = (start block|block quantity, data_bytes)
high-level Mifare epurse DATA = (debit/credit)
low-level CTLS_card DATA = (cmd,timeout,flag,crc, RAW_data) no description on RAW data content, except example (even there RAW_data bytes not described).
ISO_APDU_Exchange where DATA = (cla, ins, p1,p2)
If "Poll for Token" command detects a card of type 07 (ISO 14443-4 Type-A and Mifare), the reader will process according to the first command which will be received. e.g. Mifare/ISO_APDU. So I can access that dual card (mentioned above) using low-level CTLS_card command only (high-level Mifare commands result failed) and on standalone readers only. EMV bank applet is required ISO_APDU_Exchange. There is no problem or resetting NFC field and polling again, the problem is that Mifare applet cannot be accessed in Mifare mode on Vx680/Vx820 no matter high or low-level commands used.

So again, is there APDU mode described somewhere for such cards for reading Mifare applet or I'm just mistaking and must use only Mifare command to access it?
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