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3. July 2019 at 14:25
Hi Marcelo,

If you have a log from RFIDdiscover, then you only need to verify and re-calculate the log values. At the end, you must have the same result as RFIDdiscover.

Some annotations:
The protection mode depends on the protection mode used in the preceding host authentication. If the authentication uses “plain” you can also use plain in change key (I always would recommend using “full protection”). Of course, the preceding host authentication must be successful too. If the authentication fails, no key change will be successful. You use “plain”; therefore, the plain authentication must be successful.

With the programming mask you can define which piece of key credential you want to change. You set bits to change key A, DESFire AID and key number, key reference numbers etc. I would only change the key value with one command and let all other key parameters untouched. Next, I would only change the key version in a separate command. If you try to change everything, also the key configuration in a single command, a little mistake can invalidate the key entry! This is the case if you set inconsistent configuration parameters.

I wonder a little bit, because “6Ah 84h” is not an expected error code for SAM_ChangeKeyEntry() command.

The TapLinx team
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