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5. June 2019 at 9:46
Hi Ertan,

If your target system is very limited, you should think about to use a simple laptop to test your software. Usually, a third-party NFC reader is used via USB and a user manual is available. PC/SC is an official standard which was also adopted from Linux (as “pcsc lite”).

The driver also defines the way you are communicate with the card. Usually you have to use wrapper APDU command were the card APDU commands are encapsulated. How this is done, is explained in the user manual of the reader.

One note: the MIFARE Classic allows it to save integers as so called “value block”. There are commands for incrementing and decrementing values. Please refer (page 9) at:

MIFARE Classic EV1 datasheet

for more information at value blocks.

Without knowing the details of your system, it is very difficult to give an advice about what is your issue, sorry.

The TapLinx team
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