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3. August 2017 at 1:38

Authenticating with MIFARE Classic is a process comprised by three stages.
1. You should SELECT the Card in RF field from the reader
2. AUTHENTICATING TO A SECTOR (16 in a 1K MIFARE Classic Card) with a properly key (The so called "transport key" by default, is 0xff ff ff ff ff ff -six bytes long-)
3. READING AND/OR WRITING FROM/TO A REGISTER of 16 Bytes (3 effective register for data by sector, except the sector 0, which has 2 effective records, because the firs one is a read only Manufacturer Block; and one sector trailer record, in which the secrets key and the sector access conditions bits resides).

NOTE1: The authentication process should be done every time you need change from one sector to another.
NOTE2: The select process should be done every time the authentication process fails.
NOTE3: Each reader has its own command syntax.

To write an interfase you should have acces: to the reader commands protocol, to the command set of the reader, and of course, the datasheet of the Card. (A good staring point is the MF1 IC S50 Functional specifications).


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