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2. August 2017 at 16:07
Hi Jaz,

With MIFARE products you use usually small amount of data. Typically user name and IDs, time stamps, values in files for debits etc. The focus is high security and protect the credentials on the card.

MIFARE products are available in the range of 1K to 8K. This is too less to save pictures etc. The NFC is not fast enough to transmit this information in let say one second from the card to the reader. Please take in mind, a user tap the card one second to a reader and expect the access is granted (or not).

It is possible to save several information and keys on the card to allow different instances to use information without giving access to the whole implementation. For instance, a supervisor can be able to read special information which is not available for the normal user in its typical use-case.

The TapLinx team

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