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21. April 2017 at 13:11
Hi MiTest,

The reason why you do not find a lot of information about MIFARE4Mobile (M4M) is: you need a prepared phone software. There exists some phones and other Android devices which contains a NXP NFC reader. This NFC reader has a SE (Secure Element) included which allows to install VCs (Virtual Cards) on it. But to access the SE, you need an Android software which contains middleware software for the Android System Services and low level components.

NXP has published this software in source on Github:

The next step is to integrate this software into the Android sources (AOSP). You see, there is a long way to have a prepared Android with enables M4M. The whole specifications of M4M are also public published:

If you really interested in the details, I recommend to use an OnePlus One phone. It now quite old, but it contains NXP hardware and the phone is rooted by default because it uses CyanogenMod (it is now replaced by Linaro OS) which can be built by yourself.

The TapLinx team
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