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Re: DesFire EV1 reading "Enciphered" data with "readdata"

26. January 2017 at 10:16
Hi Support,

Thank you so much for your answer. Everything helps me in this moment, as I got completely stuck.

So, it looks like when I list the applications with desFireEV1.getApplicationIDs() I get in return an array [0] => 1234567 -> a seven digit number each time.
And it works further(also to AES authenticate) only IF I select application desFireEV1.selectApplication(1234567).

If I try to desFireEV1.selectApplication(0) the AES authentication doesn't work anymore. So only when I select that 7 digit number.

OK. Let's say I get back and I select a SIX digit application id. Still there is the big question:

How should one be able to decrypt the AES data that comes from:

byte [] encrypted_rd2 = desFireEV1.readData(1, 0, 16, CommunicationType.Enciphered, 128);

Is there a session key available ?

Thank you in advance.
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