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28. December 2016 at 12:19

The TapLinx SDK sit on top of the NFC Android library. Your app has to declare to receive NFC intents and implement a callback method onNewIntent() which is used by Android to feed your app with any kind of intents. This is the Android architecture. You can love it or hate it, but you have to live with this architecture if you want to build Android apps.

TapLinx is a library layer inside of your app to process NFC data. All our examples shows to feed TapLinx directly in onNewIntent() and use the data stream in your application code. If you need the NFC data stream in several activities, I would use the Android inter-app-communication mechanisms to handover to the different endpoints. If this is not acceptable for you, you can try to implement several onNewIntent() methods in your app and use also several instances of TapLinx to handle the NFC data. But I am in doubt this is a good idea.

Anyway, all this has nothing to do with serious customer questions about TapLinx using pattern. I regard the matter as closed.
The TapLinx Team

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