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13. December 2016 at 14:28
Thank you for your explanation but I already know that. As stated in the documentation the parameters are explained there. But what isn't explained is what does registerActivity really do. For example do I have to use it only once per lifetime of the application? Once for every activity? Also, I have uninstalled the application in which I use the SDK, installed it again fresh from scratch, and when I call isActivityRegistered() in the launcher activity, without having registered any other activity before, it tells me it is already registered. I repeated the procedure and this time without any Internet connection and the same result. Why is it still registered?

This is causing me problems because another activity (e.g. activity A) is intercepting the NFC intents of another one (e.g. activity B). If I call registerActivity() everytime I start a NFC activity then I am getting errors related to "java.lang.illegalStateException: Foreground dispatch can only be enabled when your activity is resumed"
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