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14. September 2016 at 10:42
Dear Sandor,

Yes, the MIFARE SDK is replaced by the TapLinx SDK. You can still use it, but the development has terminated.

The problem of supporting a SAM AV2 is the contact interface. Some phones has a separate SIM card slot, but the most don’t. If you use a contact reader connected via USB cable, you have to use the driver of the reader and every manufacturer provide its own driver. There is no standard interface for a SIM card on an Android system and this is the reason why you cannot support the SAM within from TapLinx on the phone.

I know, that the HID Omnikey 6121 Reader was supported by the MIFARE SDK. But the 6121 is not continued and the support has stopped. I have to check, if the 6121 is supported as hardware key store in the last release of the MIFARE SDK.

The TapLinx Team
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