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18. August 2016 at 13:07
Dear Sandor,

Yes, we are in the process for releasing TapLinx now. You can expect the release in the next two weeks.

The architecture has changed. This means that you cannot change to TapLinx without code modifications. But the changes are moderate. The name and the meaning of most of the classes are the same.

The Advanced SDK contains an own keystore. This keystore does not exist in TapLinx anymore. You are free to use the crypto provider you want. The sample app, which comes with the SDK, uses Bouncy Castle as provider.

You are using the MIFARE SAM AV2. It might be interesting to know that you can use the SAM, if it is integrated in your system and you are able to initialize a Java key class from the SAM (javax.crypto.SecretKey it is used in TapLinx as key reference). Please take in mind, that there is no standard API to communicate with the SAM, therefore it cannot be integrated in the TapLinx SDK.


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