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11. August 2016 at 20:35

I got same problem here with NXP PN5120 which is currently working perfectly with LPC1769.
when running with NfcrdlibEx4_MIFAREClassic and NfcrdlibEx1_BasicDiscoveryLoop.

However, when integrate the PN5120 with Nucleo STM32 F030R8. I could not read the tags, the DiscLoop_run method always return NoTechDetected (refer the Poll_Mode in Discovery Loop).
I have no clue what is going on and how to solve the problem.
Anyone has any idea?

The code has been ported from NfcrdlibEx4_MIFAREClassic example with follow steps:

  • Disable macro RTOS & PH_PlATFORM

  • Compile the ReaderLib with SW4STM32 IDE.

  • Base on STM sample project & SW4STM32 IDE, link to the ReaderLib.

  • Port NfcrdlibEx4_MIFAREClassic.c, all the flow for Rc523 are retained, remove others HAL e.g 663, 5180

  • Implement my own STM32 phbalReg, especially the Exchange method.

The SW run perfectly, the sequense commands are same with NXP sample.

  • PN512 version return successful (0x82) when sending 0xEE (address 0x37h) 0

  • TxControlReg return 0x80 which are same as Datasheet.

  • However, tag can't be detected

Other question
Do we really need SetInterupt() function in NfcrdlibEx4_MIFAREClassic.c, I remmove the method and tags still can be detected using the LPC1769?

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