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1. August 2016 at 16:48
Hi all,

I'm actually working on the PN512 and have issues while doing the self test.

The sequence I have doesn't match with the one mentionned in the datasheet.

Expected sequence : 00h, EBh, 66h, BAh, 57h, BFh, 23h, 95h, D0h, E3h, 0Dh, 3Dh, 27h, 89h, 5Ch, DEh,
9Dh, 3Bh, A7h, 00h, 21h, 5Bh, 89h, 82h, 51h, 3Ah, EBh, 02h, 0Ch, A5h, 00h,
49h, 7Ch, 84h, 4Dh, B3h, CCh, D2h, 1Bh, 81h, 5Dh, 48h, 76h, D5h, 71h, 61h,
21h, A9h, 86h, 96h, 83h, 38h, CFh, 9Dh, 5Bh, 6Dh, DCh, 15h, BAh, 3Eh, 7Dh,
95h, 3Bh, 2Fh

The sequence I have : 0x00 0xBE 0x88 0x7A 0x99 0xAE 0xE1 0xAE 0x42 0x28 0xBA 0xDC 0xEB 0xBC 0x63 0x0B 0xB7 0xFF 0xC6 0xBF 0x10 0xE3 0x2F 0x9C 0xDB 0x5D 0xED
0x3D 0x3C 0xA4 0x6E 0x72 0xE3 0xF7 0xE8 0xB9 0x6A 0xAC 0xC9 0x58 0xD2 0x90 0xE5 0xAC 0x42 0x82 0xB2 0x2E 0x78 0xCD 0xCE 0x10 0x4D 0xE8
0xFB 0x99 0x2D 0x62 0x65 0x7B 0x82 0xC7 0x57 0x29

Am I the only one facing this issue ?

Were you also able to detect NFC tags ? If yes, would you share the sequence you used ?

Thanks in advance,
Best regards,
Benjamin OLIVIER
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