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19. July 2016 at 10:36
yes I noticed that SDK Lite takes key directly as parameters and that is great, but the problem is that there is only a handful of methods one can use, and they are so simplified that it is impossible to create files in an application that can then be written and read with SDK lite.
The methods format, personalize and authenticate all work, but read and write do not because the personalize method only creates a new app with some default keys and maybe files which cannot be accessed through the read and write methods which only take a byte array as parameter. In fact, I get a denied authorization or failed authentication when I tried to use them. Now, it is impossible to do something wrong because the only way to use these methods is the following:

personalize(MASTER_KEY,appID,APP_KEY); <- works
authenticate(MASTER_KEY,appID,APP_KEY); <- works
write(buffer); <- permission denied/failed authentication
read(buffer);<- permission denied/failed authentication

Many other threads here raised the same problem, and all the answers state clearly that it is not possible to do anything with SDK Lite and all examples on how to create an application and write files are given using the SDK Advanced.
Now, back to my original question, where do I get this SDK Advanced? I've got the credits, but I can't find any download link or shop for it.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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