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15. July 2016 at 13:57
yes, I understand, I got the same answer by mail, but I cannot wait, so I started using the available SDK. I download the SDK Lite from the website, which in practice contains also the advanced methods, and got some credits to use them.
However, I have two problems.
First: in theory I should need only the Lite version because all I need to do is to write some bytes on the card and read them back, but these operations don't work on the lite version. I used the simple app in the SDK package to make my own, and I can use all methods for DESFire that require a key: format, personalize and authenticate. However, write and read do not work as I get access denied error. Clearly is not enough to successfully authenticate to you newly created app in order to write in it. So I wonder what is the point of having write and read methods if they cannot be used in practice.
Two: I then tried to use the methods in the advanced library in order to get access to the methods com.nxp.nfclib.desfire.DESFireEV1.selectApplication() and authenticate() in order to make sure that I am authenticated to my app before writing. Problem is that here I get another error about that the Lite version does not support these methods. I then created a license key on and gave it as a parameter to the method com.nxp.nfclib.NxpNfcLib.registerActivity(this,"licensekey"), which by the way I had to guess myself because it is not documented anywhere. This didn't help at all. When I generated my key I was asked which appStore I use, but my app is not published anywhere, I am just trying to debug it from AndroidStudio by running it on a production phone. How is the app supposed to connect and check the key? No documentation anywhere about this.

thanks in advance for the help.
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