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30. March 2016 at 9:16
Hi Drumess,

I am afraid that I must disappoint you. No serious operator of smartcard products will offer a “software emulation” on a phone. It is compromised quickly and all sensitive data can be disclosed easily.

If you see banking operations or ticketing with a phone, it deals always with a chip connected to the NFC controller of the phone. This chip is called “Secure Element” and contains one or more smartcards on the silicon. I never use the term “emulation” because there is no emulation! The bank card or the transport ticket is implemented in the Secure Element and runs on the silicon with the same high security standards as on a smartcard.

NXP offers solutions for mobile ticketing and you can get every MIFARE product also as combined NFC/Secure Element “embedded on a phone” product. It is called MIFARE4Mobile and you can get more information here:

Kind regards,
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