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22. March 2016 at 12:44
Hi Joris,

I understand your point of view. The NxpReaderLib is designed for several platforms and different use-cases and therefore it is a little bit oversized. It would be nice to have a small Linux driver which supports the IFDHandlers for the pcsc-lite library. With this approach you are (almost) compatible with the PC/SC interface and you can port the software easily to another NFC controller (which is supported by pcsc-lite) or even to a PC. Unfortunately we do not have such driver.

All what I can support is PN512 reading/writing sequences you have to use for the different tasks. For each task (card detection, select, authenticate etc.) you have to fulfill writing and reading PN512 registers. You implement this via SPI reading and writing sequences. The “blue board” is connected via SPI with the Pi.

Kind regards,
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