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11. March 2016 at 15:06
Hi Jan,

I have to refine my previous statement: mixing of cipher methods in one single application is not possible, sorry. This is what the parameter “key settings 2”, bits 6 and 7 of the command CreateApplication() defines. Here you define the cipher method which is used within all files of this application. The selected cipher method also defines the authenticate command, either Authenticate (DES or 3DES), AuthenticateISO (DES, 2K3DES and 3K3DES) or AuthenticateAES (AES128).

However, I do not see the requirement to mix different ciphers. AES128 is the strongest cipher and I recommend to use it for all your encryptions. It makes no sense from my point of view to implement also a DES encryption for another file! The only reason for mixing the cipher methods is: you have to be compatible with an established application! In this case either you create a new file in the previous application with the defined cipher method or you create a new application with, for instance, AES128 cipher method and redirect all new files in this application.

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