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10. March 2016 at 9:33
Hi Christophe,

The parameter EXTRA_READER_PRESENCE_CHECK_DELAY can be set to give a delay for your app to react on the presence of a NFC intent. This will not help in your issue! You want to break down the authenticate procedure into several “slow motion parts” giving the server time to calculate every single step for you. From my point of view you will not fulfil the authentication satisfactory, because you cannot guarantee the server responses will be available always in time.

Indeed, to save all password on the phone is not a useful approach! For security reasons, you cannot split or break the authentication. But you can use smarter approaches. However this depends on your key architecture. Very often the UID of the tag is used for calculation of the device credentials. You can read the UID before and ask the server for the device credentials and make the authentication afterwards locally.

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