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5. September 2015 at 14:35
Still a few errors with "package com.nxp.nfclib.classic does not exist".

Hi David and NXP Team,

Thanks for the update and big thanks to NXP for adding the Android Studio chapter!

Whilst trying to load the sample app (import) and after following the instructions about adding the new dependency with
dependencies {
compile files (“libs/nxpnfcliblite.jar”)

I get lots of (very similar) error messages which refer to com.nxp.nfclib:

Error:(55, 30) error: package com.nxp.nfclib.classic does not exist
Error:(56, 33) error: package com.nxp.nfclib.exceptions does not exist

Jumping into brings up a "can't resolve symbol nfclib" when the cursor is on:
import com.nxp.nfclib.classic.IMFClassic;

Is this an error due to the different versions (nxpnfcliblite.jar vs nxpnfclib.jar)?

I'm using Android Studion 1.3.2 and I'd appreciate if someone could explain what I doing wrong and how to resolve the issue.

Many thanks in advance!
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