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10. June 2015 at 15:13
So in order to import the Lite sample app into Android Studio I did the following:
1. Extracted the downloaded zip file containing the project
2. copied the "nxpnfcliblite.jar" into the libs dir: "MIFARE_SDK_lite3SampleApps\src\SampleNxpNfcLibLite\libs" as suggested above
3. Within Android Studio, I did: File > New > Import Project
4. Selected the project dir "SampleNxpNfcLibLite" and selected to have it imported into Android Studio workspace
5. On screen for "Import Project from ADT (Eclipse Android)", i have selected the following checked:
- Replace jars with dependencies, when possible
- Replace library sources with dependencies, when possible
- Create Gradle-style (camelCase) module names
6. Select Next and get the following warnings "Project SampleNxpNfcLibLite:C:\Users\alivick\Desktop\SampleNxpNfcLibLite\
Library reference ..\NxpNfcLib could not be found
Path is C:\Users\alivick\Desktop\SampleNxpNfcLibLite\..\NxpNfcLib which resolves to C:\Users\alivick\Desktop\NxpNfcLib"
7. Select Finish and I get the following error "There are unrecoverable errors which must be corrected first"
8. Select OK and it just takes me back to the warning screen and doesn't import the project.

So is there some other means in which I am supposed to import the sample project into Android Studio?
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