Smart door locks ready for billions of private homes 18. December 2013

Partners of NXP pioneering towards mass adoption of smart door locks for billions of private homes


The vision of Smart Home Access is to bring existing mechanical locking systems to the next level enabling smart life solutions. Today, smart card based access systems are in use by many enterprises, governmental institutions, hotels and campuses worldwide. In a joint effort, partners of NXP have transformed these solutions into optimized offerings for private homes, where mechanical keys are still dominant. In a worldwide field test these solutions have been implemented and assessed. In addition to smart cards or key fobs, NFC phones offer the opportunity to conveniently manage access rights and replace the need to carry keys altogether. A survey demonstrated that the systems are easy to implement, reliable and enable secure and flexible solutions.

Insights from NXP´s home access trial

A group of over 50 employees from NXP Semiconductors volunteered to use MIFARE enabled smart door locks replacing their traditional mechanical locking systems in their private homes. In over ten countries all over the world the employees, their partners and families are using the smart access solutions every day. The physical installation as well as the programming of the lock was done by the candidates themselves. A survey showed that more than 80% of the participants managed the physical integration without any difficulties. Many  employees confirmed that they would rather forget their keys than their smart phones.

Smart Solution for private doors

The replacement of mechanical lock was done seamlessly, without any additional wiring using lithium battery powered cylinders. The participants had the choice to use MIFARE DESFire EV1 based key fobs or their NFC smart phones to open the doors. Advanced systems enable flexible access right management e.g. enabling time restricted access for craftsmen or cleaners.

The solution offer clear advantages: Over 85% of the participants indicated that opening a door with a digital key is at least as intuitive as a using a traditional metal key. The locking and unlocking procedure is faster and more convenient by just presenting the credential to the door lock.

“It is a huge challenge to the change the world’s preference for home access from mechanical to smart solutions”,

says Rainer Lutz, Senior Global Marketing Manager Access Management at NXP.

“The close cooperation with a strong set of partners, the first-hand experience with a large group users and the wealth of possibilities enabled by the innovative solutions gives us great confidence that we are rapidly moving forward towards mass adoption of smart life solutions with an expanding group of partners.“

The Vision of our partners

Industry partners sharing the vision of smart home access include Adellock, Allegion, CEStronics, ELOCK2-SLS, EVVA, Kaba, Phactum and Salto Systems, all contributing their unique product offerings.



“Adel is a leading manufacturer of professional, powerful and reliable door lock solutions, based in Shenzhen, China”,

said Ming Zu, CEO of Adel,

“We have a range of RFID locks specifically tailored for residential use, that are successfully positioned in both, domestic and oversee markets.”



“The issuance of aptiQmobile


credentials leverages our cloud-based Credential Management Services infrastructure and builds on decades of helping organizations and homeowners secure their properties with tens of millions of mechanical keys and cards,”

said Raj Venkat, Allegion’s vice president and general manager, readers and credentials.

“By pioneering the use of smartphones as access control credentials, we now address the spectrum of our customers’ credential needs from keys to cards to mobile credentials.”



“We are enthusiastic about supporting the NXP Smart Home Access program with our CES Omega Flex digital cylinders, proven in many corporate installations. We share NXPs vision to make private home access smart and appreciate insights on the acceptance of     electronic cylinders for private consumers”

said Friedhelm Ulm Product Manager at CEStronics.



“Satisfying the requirements of the NXP Home Access, NXP and ELOCK2 Secure Locking Systems experts have succeeded in realizing a solution offering the optimal mix of security, convenience and reliability”,

said Ahmet Sancak, Product Manager at ELOCK2-SLS.



“With AirKey


and Xesar


, EVVA is launching two new electronic access platforms to the market in 2014. We are proud to announce that we offer a secure and flexible smart life NFC solution, that not only serves the corporate market but the residential market as well”,

explains Michael Unger, Vice President Product Management EVVA Group.



“Homeowners and tenants need to be able to act quickly in case of a key loss or a need for administration. This flexibility is delivered best through modern solutions like smartphones being used as a key and as a tool to manage home automation systems,”

says Thomas Herling, Senior Vice President of Strategic Marketing in the ADS EMEA/AP Division.

“Today, our specialist resellers are able to offer an NFC solution suitable for every door situation using our versatile and award-winning Kaba evolo product family.”


We share NXP’s vision to bring the convenience of electronic access to private homes

”, said Jochen Schurich, Product Manager at Phactum. “

Our Tapkey


NFC access solution takes user experience to the next level offering a revolutionary new and simple way to manage access. It has never been easier to grant access to my family and friends



absolutely shares the vision and goal of bringing electronic access control to a greater number of users and settings especially those such as

small and medium-sized enterprises and home environments which have traditionally been unable to take best advantage of many of the top technological solutions in access control largely because of the cost and complexity of those systems.”

said Jennifer Stack, Vice President Marketing – Salto Systems.

“SALTO’s NFC-compatible solution as well as our cloud-based Clay product are clear examples of our commitment to this making this vision a reality.”






aptiQmobile™ is a cloud based key management system that uses peer-to-peer NFC technology to turn a smart phone into a mobile credential. Launched by Allegion at the beginning of 2013

AirKey allows the users to open the door with their NFC mobile phones.


The NFC powered ELOCK2 provided by

ELOCK2 Security Locking Systems

offers a virtually unlimited variety of advanced programming options. The flexible security technology offered by MIFARE DESFire EV1 makes ELOCK2 capable of supporting multi-site solutions for large corporations


Xesar is designed to support the secure MIFARE DESFire technology



Tapkey™ is an innovative platform enabling lock manufacturers to simply add a smartphone feature to their existing products. The Tapkey team was chosen as a participant for the ‘Go Silicon Valley Initiative 2013 14‘ program, bringing Austrian technology pioneers

to the Silicon Valley in order to evaluate US market opportunities.