MIFARE4Mobile V2.1.1

MIFARE4Mobile V2.1.1 supports a MIFARE Implementation, which in turn supports:

  • Multiple Virtual cards supporting MIFARE Classic and MIFARE DESFire
  • Each Virtual Card can have:
    • Own UID and activation parameters
    • RF interface and Host interface
    • Can hold multiple applications (no resource collision)
  • Each Virtual card Manager (VM)
    • Offers Remote Virtual card management API
    • 1 to 1 with Virtual Card
    • Holds keys for remote secure messaging
  • Each MIFARE Application
    • Always kept in MIFARE Implementation
    • Associated with one virtual card
  • Service Manager (SM)
    • Offers Remote Application Management API and Wallet API
    • 1 to 1 with Application
    • Holds keys for remote secure messaging

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