PLI, Smartrac and NXP Join Forces to Ramp Up Security in Hospitality, Leisure & Entertainment Markets Globally 18. May 2016

PLI (Plasticard-Locktech International), the world’s largest manufacturer of hotel keycards, has signed a large-scale and long-term supply agreement with Smartrac, featuring NXP MIFARE® ICs. For Smartrac, the agreement means a breakthrough in the global Hospitality, Leisure and Entertainment market, while PLI and its customers will benefit from a quantum leap in product capability, quality and security.

From June 2016, Smartrac will start delivering tens of millions of RFID products to PLI for use over the next several years. The scope of supply includes genuine, secure Smartrac PRELAM® inlays for contactless access cards, wearables, gift and loyalty cards. With Smartrac inlays using MIFARE® ICs from NXP, PLI will be able to provide a gapless proof of authenticity and origin for their contactless cards and products. Hence, PLI’s customers will benefit from a new level of credential quality, security and reliability from their RFID-based products, without harming any Intellectual Property rights of Smartrac.

Genuine products guarantee security
With Smartrac’s premium-quality PRELAM inlays, the company combines genuine MIFARE chips from NXP with its state-of-the-art antenna technology, enabling the highest levels of security, reliability and interoperability.

NXP MIFARE ICs and Smartrac PRELAM inlays are fully compliant with EAL4+ Common Criteria and ISO International Standards, which have to be considered as prerequisites for interoperable products. Great customer convenience with vastly increased door lock security and minimum drop-out rates are just some of the many important product advantages arising from this agreement.

Besides a higher level of security and reliability, the new strategic partnership between PLI, Smartrac and NXP will provide hotel and brand owners with the additional benefit of truly enhancing their customers’ experience. A secure, contactless infrastructure allows card usage for multiple applications. Just one single card can now be used to open doors, make payments, earn loyalty points or rent a bike.

Furthermore, NFC cards, smartphones and wearables can all be processed by infrastructure devices such as locks, in the same way. This will facilitate the co-existence of different form factors and makes the integration of a loyalty card or a mobile device much simpler.

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