NXP’s MIFARE Ultralight® Nano powers event passes for 150,000 athletes, government officials and delegates at the International 29th Summer Universiade 17. August 2017

NXP Semiconductors supplies the smart ticketing solution for the 29th Summer Universiade in Taipei, one the world’s top international sporting events where university student athletes from all over the world compete in 17 categories.

NXP’s MIFARE Ultralight® Nano, a contactless smart paper ticketing IC, is powering the technology used in the entrance passes for the 150,000 athletes, government officials, university leaders, VIP guests, delegates and other event participants from all over the world. The solution is in the form of an ID badge that will provide authorized access to the sports venues, training centers, athlete residences, meal programs and VIP events such as the opening and closing ceremonies.
NXP collaborated with the Taipei City Government and the Universiade Committee to develop the MIFARE Ultralight Nano smart ticketing solution to meet the rigorous security standards of the organizers.

NXP’s proven technology is included in core components that power secure government-issued ID documents in more than 120 countries and is used by 95 countries worldwide to secure electronic passport programs.

NXP’s MIFARE® product-based smart ticketing deployment for the Summer Universiade in Taipei is the second international sports event in 2017 that uses MIFARE products for event access. NXP´s contactless ICs were deployed at the FIFA Confederations Cup, the world’s fourth largest international sports tournament that took place in Russia this year. Known for its proven smart card technology that enhances the fan experience at major sporting events, NXP also powered access and payment cards for the state-of-the-art Allianz Stadion facility in Vienna and MIFARE product-based solutions are used by major sports teams in the United States and Europe to provide a better experience for fans.

Read more in NXP’s official press release.