NXP welcomes GANTNER Electronic GmbH as MIFARE System Integrator Partner 28. March 2017

NXP is pleased to announce that the Austrian company GANTNER Electronic GmbH, a pioneer in the field of RFID-based solutions for access control, time and attendance, and cashless payment, is now a MIFARE System Integrator Partner.

GANTNER is a long-time supporter of MIFARE® products, with extensive implementations for access management in fitness clubs, amusement parks, and universities. Some of their largest installations for access include the Wet ‘n Wild Water Park in Sydney, the Wahoo Water Park in Bahrain, and several campuses for German universities, such as Goethe Universität in Frankfurt and Technische Universität in Darmstadt.

No more keys
In the world of GANTNER, keys are a thing of the past. GANTNER’s access solutions are operated with a credential – be it a card, a wristband, a fob, or a smartphone – and are compatible with most common software solutions from third-party providers. Their MIFARE product-based approach focuses on efficiency, security, and convenience.

GANTNER’s work in electronic locks has gained them a worldwide reputation for their powerful, high-quality solutions for locker management. As a result, they are a leading supplier to fitness clubs, hospitals, ski resorts, universities, schools, libraries, and other places where people store items in lockable compartments.

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What System Integrators Mean to MIFARE

Today’s users of contactless solutions demand increasing levels of convenience and value, with a particular emphasis on multi-application functionality, application convergence, and data security. On its own, MIFARE products meet many of these needs, but ultimately it is system-level solutions, consisting of components beyond the contactless smartcard and reader, that meet the real-world demands for convenience and value.

This is where system integrators come in. As experts in the creation of full-fledged applications that meet a specific market need, system integrators bring together all the technologies needed to develop compelling, easy-to-use solutions. System integrators enhance the end-user experience by delivering security and convenience to everyday life, and, as a result, play a vital role in the broader MIFARE product ecosystem.

MIFARE System Integrator Partners are companies, selected by NXP, that offer leading end-user solutions for applications based on MIFARE products. The System Integrator Partner level makes it easier for operators and end users to find complete solutions, based on the latest MIFARE product innovations, that deliver tailored performance with maximum convenience.

As a MIFARE System Integrator partner, GANTNER will work closely with NXP, helping to define new MIFARE products, and will enjoy exclusive partner benefits, such as joint marketing initiatives.


Founded more than 35 years ago in Schruns, one of Austria’s best-known towns for winter sports, GANTNER is now active in over 50 countries and has subsidiaries in Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States. The number of international awards and prizes that they’ve received serve as proof that GANTNER develops innovative solutions that meet market needs and customer requirements.

About the MIFARE Partner Program

The NXP MIFARE Partner Program is a network of companies enabling secure, desirable, multi-application solutions based on market-leading contactless technology. Together, these companies form a community of component and solution providers working together to enable a flexible, interoperable end-customer solutions that meet the needs of today and tomorrow.