SmartMX2 Achieves Highest Level of Security for MIFARE Applications 27. October 2014

The SmartMX2 technology is the world’s first secure smart card platform with MIFARE Plus and MIFARE DESFire EV1 functionality to be certified at Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) 5+, the highest level of security offered for MIFARE applications. Achieving EAL5+ certification on MIFARE applications based on SmartMX2 enables services to be taken to the next level – providing, for example, security for electronic health cards or identity cards with a combination of payment and access functionality and/or opening up doors to develop new secure services in banking, e-Government identification, transportation, micro payments, loyalty tracking and more.

“Advanced security is paramount as smart cards quickly transition to all encompassing, multiple-application cards. Being able to offer secure MIFARE applications on SmartMX2 is the next evolutionary step towards this development,” said Ulrich Huewels, senior vice president and general manager, secure identification solutions, NXP Semiconductors. “Securing EAL 5+ certification reaffirms NXP’s commitment to delivering secure connections – ensuring that personal and financial data is protected and safeguarded. Consumers can benefit from the flexibility offered by our MIFARE platforms for payments and access and be confident that their information is secure via our world renowned SmartMX technology.”

Supported by the MIFARE Flex framework, the SmartMX2 family offers developers the convenience of a ready to use solution with the flexibility of a full set of MIFARE Plus and MIFARE DESFire protocol parameters. System designers are also able to optionally use NXP’s common criteria (CC) certified crypto library modules to build their secure applications. Three different certified SmartMX2 platform types support all MIFARE Plus and/or MIFARE DESFire EV1 card data variations and can even be configured with MIFARE Classic to optimise the use of existing infrastructures.