NXP identifies top trends in access management and secure identification for the hospitality market in 2017 7. February 2017

Trends point towards the move to advanced smart card technologies and mobile integration that offer high security and enable hoteliers to create an exceptional guest experience

NXP Semiconductors has identified top trends that are driving the global hospitality industry’s move from magnetic stripe (magstripe) and low-frequency (LF) cards to secure, high-frequency (HF) smart card technologies to create an exceptional guest experience in 2017. NXP’s view is based on the industry’s increasing demand for combining multiple applications onto a single credential and mobile integration, coupled with the need for high security in access control, payment and an expanding range of applications. The shift to HF identification technologies supports the hospitality market’s focus on streamlining operational efficiencies and taking convenience to a new level for guests.

“NXP’s leadership in the access and secure identification market, along with our broad insights through partners and customers places us in a unique position to view developing solutions and technology trends in the hospitality space,” said Markus Staeblein Vice President and General Manager Secure Mobility & Retail at NXP. “We believe that 2017 will be an important year for leveraging the power of advanced contactless technologies in the hospitality market, where NFC and other high-frequency technologies are helping the industry to do far more with a card, phone or wearable device in order to create  differentiated experiences for guests.”

NXP’s 2017 trends in hospitality point to the  smart environment, where mobile keys and a growing range of integrated guest applications, online hotel locks and equipment are being connected.

The trends include:

  • Deeper mobile integration provides more options for guests and streamlines processes for hotel managers
  • Advanced technologies enable hoteliers to extend their offering to become a local travel agent for guests who are traveling for both work and leisure
  • Evolving threat landscape is driving properties to proactively move to next-generation solutions for high security and privacy protection

NXP anticipates the move to high-frequency technologies will set the foundation to enable these trends in 2017 and the development of new capabilities in years to come. Discover the trends in more detail in NXP’s official press release.