NXP Delivers a Good Event Experience – All-in-One CES Badge 4. January 2017

Event attendees use a single badge with NXP technology to access the exhibition, ride the Las Vegas Monorail and access Nextbike bike-sharing services



LAS VEGAS – (CES 2017) – January 4, 2017 – NXP Semiconductors N.V. in cooperation with the Consumer Technology Association and Las Vegas Monorail is offering CES visitors a good experience by providing an all-in-on badge that can be used for event and monorail access during the show.

“With the integration of transport services to the CES badge we give over 170,000 attendees, representing 80% of all countries in the world, an outlook to a smarter future – where services are connected in a convenient way,” said Karen Chupka Sr. VP, CES and Corporate Business Strategy at Consumer Technology Association.

Powered by NXP´s MIFARE® DESFire® EV2 contactless ICs, attendees can leverage their event badge for riding the Las Vegas Monorail and using bike-sharing services. The multi-application badge simplifies transportation at the event improving the guest experience for attendees, while also providing a view into how NXP technology is connecting people with a broad array of services and transportation options.

Traveling to and from CES can be cumbersome due to the vast number of people needing to access the convention center at the same time. With NXP’s all-in-one badge, CES participants had the opportunity to pre-purchase the Las Vegas Monorail tickets having them directly installed on their CES badges. Alternatively attendees can use NXP AppXplorer to purchase Las Vegas Monorail tickets during the event.

“Offering a seamless customer experience, we’re pleased to partner with NXP to make the transportation experience on the Monorail even more hassle-free for attendees,” said Ingrid Reisman, vice president and chief marketing officer, Las Vegas Monorail. “No more need for hunting through wallets and handbags or waiting in line to buy a ticket on the station – the CES badge enables them to hop on the Monorail without delay.”

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